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Updated on 27 October 2020.

Thank you for choosing CLEOVA service. By using the CLEOVA service, the User declares that he knows, reads, understands, agrees to all of these User Terms, Privacy Policy, CLEOVA Agreement and Agreement.

These User Terms may be updated in whole or in part from time to time without prior notice to Users and are effective from the time they are published on the CLEOVA website. CLEOVA requires Users to check the site periodically for any changes to the Terms of Use of CLEOVA services from time to time. If you do not agree to the changes to the User Terms, the User may contact CLEOVA to terminate the use of the service.

The User Terms on this page contain the agreement, agreement, terms, policies of CLEOVA and the User. Please read carefully, knowingly, and without coercion:


Anything that starts with a capital letter has the following meaning:

  1. CLEOVA or We means the service name of CLEOVA or the service provider.
  2. Cleover means users of CLEOVA services or users of parties who are interested in CLEOVA services.
  3. CLEOVA Service means the services offered to Cleover by CLEOVA services
  4. Website, Website, Web, Online Store, Marketplace and E-learning, Android Application, APK, is the result of services from CLEOVA
  5. Electronic Signature, means a digital signature that is attached to other electronic information as a means of verification or authentication of an agreement, bond or agreement.
  6. Rent, means a service that has a limited term and requires an extension to continue using it after the lease period expires.
  7. Full management, a service that does not require server-side user handling, version updates, or bug fixes in the hope of being easier to use and more cost-effective. Users no longer get access related to access that no longer needs to be handled independently by the User.
  8. Server or Hosting, means the place where the User's website or application is stored on the Internet.
  9. Domain, means a unique name to identify the IP address for easy recall.
  10. Right, means something that should be obtained according to the applicable measure.
  11. Obligation, means something to be done.
  12. SSL, stands for Secure Socket Layer which refers to a type of security by encrypting communications on the Internet.
  13. Full online, means face-to-face service and is carried out entirely over the Internet.
  14. Freelancer, means to work independently and not commit to an employer or company for a certain period of time.
  15. Service, means the act of working from one party to another and does not cause any transfer of ownership and is also not tied to a physical product.
  16. Content, means all information available on online media
  17. Super Admin, means the account that can do all privileged access
  18. Admin, means an account to manage a website or software with limited access as per the terms of service.
  19. Google Ads, means services provided by Google to advertise or promote products in the media provided such as search engines, Youtube, and the web with publisher status.
  20. Websites, means a collection of pages that can be accessed via the Internet
  21. Chat, means communication activities through digital media such as Whatsapp, Line, Twitter, Facebook, email, and others.
  22. Guide, means a hint or set of instructions to do something.
  23. digital products, means goods that do not have a real physical form but can be used in the digital world.
  24. Manufacturing services, means building the User's website so that it can be accessed on the Internet.
  25. Repair services, means repairing what is broken or complained by the User
  26. Google advertising services, means a service for managing Google ads according to the expertise possessed for a particular purpose at a cost according to Google advertising services plus the cost of labor or services provided.
  27. Who is, means data used for domain registration and or hosting.
  28. Provider, means a hosting service provider or server, domain and others.
  29. Lifetime, means as long as the service is available and meets the terms and conditions
  30. Support, means customer support provided by the service provider (CLEOVA)
  31. NPWP, means the taxpayer identification number
  32. ID card, means Indonesian identity card
  33. Selfie Photo, means a photo taken by himself
  34. Screenshots, means a screenshot of the phone that produces a certain image
  35. SIUP, means Trade Business License
  36. TDP, means Search Result web Company Registration Sign
  37. Proof of payment, means that the User's evidence has made a successful payment which can be used as valid evidence
  38. Confirm approval, means that you have made sure that everything is true and valid knowingly, without coercion, according to facts, and is fully responsible for what you do
  39. IP Address, means a numeric label that is applied to each device connected to the Internet as the User's identity
  40. Cookies, means a small part of the data sent by a website that is stored on a computer by the browser or browser used to open the website
  41. Payment gateway, means services by e-commerce applications that authorize or process transactions of various credit card payment methods, transfers, balances, and the like.
  42. Malware, means malicious code submitted to spy, steal, manipulate or forcefully for the benefit of the creator or his group.
  43. Ransomware, meaning malicious code to carry out data hostage or extortion by demanding a ransom.
  44. Firewall, means firewall which is a system to prevent unwanted access to a network 


  1. Only Cleover and CLEOVA are allowed to access the service
  2. Cannot be transferred to other services because it is full management.
  3. Services are not addressed to Cleover under the age of 18 years or do not have a recognized identity such as KTP, passport.
  4. To use the service, Cleover may be asked to provide CLEOVA with personal information, documents and data and Cleover agrees to provide true, accurate, clear, complete, valid information, documents and personal data as stated on the Privacy Policy page.
  5. If in the future it is found or Cleover is found to have provided inaccurate, false, non-owned, incomplete, or invalid information, then CLEOVA has the right to cancel all service results, cut off access, suspend, and give warnings or warnings without giving a refund.
  6. Cleover is responsible for all activities and consequences related to the use of the results of CLEOVA services, both content, information, DMCA, ownership of images and content, access, publication, deviation, abuse, and others.

    Cleover is also fully responsible before the law for everything related to the results of the services ordered. CLEOVA has the right to assume that all activities in CLEOVA's services result from registered Users.

    Cleover is responsible for all losses and legal consequences from errors or omissions including in maintaining the confidentiality of passwords and access that have been given. If there is suspicious activity, Cleover will immediately notify CLEOVA of any suspected unauthorized use of access or security breaches.
  7. CLEOVA has the right to disclose or use Personal Data and all documents in order to comply with legal or statutory provisions, in the context of applicable law enforcement processes or to take further preventive action in connection with suspicious activities, suspected criminal acts, violations of the law, and the like. In connection with such disclosure, Cleover indemnifies or releases CLEOVA from all claims, demands, damages that may arise.
  8. CLEOVA has the right to limit, terminate, suspend, change, renew access at any time to part or all of the access to the results of CLEOVA services, either temporarily or permanently if necessary.
  9. In using the results of CLEOVA services, Cleover agrees to comply with all legal provisions, regulations in Indonesia and internationally. Cleover also agrees to comply with CLEOVA's rules, policies, User Policy and Privacy Policy.
  10. Cleover agrees not to use the results of CLEOVA services for any
    (1) violate laws or regulations in Indonesia and internationally,

    (2) Violating the rights of CLEOVA or third parties but not limited to copyright or similar rights, trademark rights, patent rights, privacy rights, trade secrets, contractual rights

    (3) Deliberately without rights to violate the law, manipulate, contain things that violate or other deviations

    (4) damage or impair CLEOVA's reputation or contain anything that CLEOVA prohibits.
  11. Cleover understands that all communications or that Cleover provides will be required as evidence even if they are not made in writing and have a wet signature. Cleover indemnifies CLEOVA from all claims, claims, damages, defamation, public complaints, and anything that may arise in connection with carrying out the investigation to completion.
  12. Cleover warrants and represents that:
    (1) Cleover is of legal age and is using his/her own valid and valid ID

    (2) Cleover is legally authorized to take legal actions according to the law in Indonesia, including to bind itself to the terms and conditions of the User on the CLEOVA service.

    (3) In using CLEOVA's services, Cleover states that he has the capacity and authority on behalf of or on behalf of the company PT, CV, Firm, organization, agency, ministry, institution, or others and is not limited to binding himself to comply with and implement these Cleover Provisions.

    (4) Cleover has read the Privacy Policy, Cleover Policy, Regulations and policies consciously, without coercion, thoroughly, and understands every point and authorizes CLEOVA to take all necessary actions on the results of the services that Cleover uses, including terminating access.
  13. Access restrictions are explained at more specific points of each service


  1. CLEOVA provides support in the form of advice and assistance during the time specified in the CLEOVA service provided that it does not violate the service rules, fulfills the User Policy, according to the queue, and does not leave the package offered.
  2. CLEOVA has never replaced God as the determinant of human destiny and sustenance, including not giving any guarantee that every Cleover will be successful only by using CLEOVA's services. Accuracy, perseverance, will, determination, prayer, views, encouragement, and effort (promotion) Cleover is needed. 


CLEOVA's Rights and Responsibilities

  1. CLEOVA serves Cleover according to the service package set at that time and always stays abreast of the changes that apply
  2. CLEOVA is obliged to maintain privacy according to the Privacy Policy page
  3. CLEOVA is obliged to provide support according to the terms of the service package used and according to the latest conditions
  4. CLEOVA reserves the right to add, remove, update or change features
  5. CLEOVA has the right to charge for renewals, fines via email, or and chat
  6. CLEOVA reserves the right to update the User Policy, Privacy Policy, and other information and display it on the CLEOVA website without individual notice
  7. CLEOVA has the right to suspend temporarily, permanently, and or has the right to delete the products that Cleover uses if: (1) There are indications or suspicious activities that can harm CLEOVA or the public (2) There are reports from the authorities regarding irregularities or violations (3) Violating the rules services (4) Violating the rules of law and legislation in force in Indonesia or internationally (5) There are public reports with clear evidence.
  8. CLEOVA reserves the right to determine product or service access restrictions and refuse Cleover's request if it is not in accordance with CLEOVA's terms or policies.
  9. CLEOVA has the right to use all information or anything that Cleover provides to develop CLEOVA's business in the future while maintaining the Privacy Policy regarding Cleover's personal or sensitive information
  10. CLEOVA has the right to the testimonials that Cleover has given and use them freely for the sake of CLEOVA's continuity. The testimonials that Cleover provides directly or indirectly become the property of CLEOVA.
  11. CLEOVA reserves the right to record, document, screenshot conversations either for documents or testimonials naturally.
  12. CLEOVA reserves the right to record, take pictures, and use every CLEOVA conversation with Cleover as evidence or a promotional tool while adhering to the Privacy Policy.

Cleover's rights and obligations

  1. Cleover has the right to receive services or products according to what CLEOVA offers
  2. Cleover reserves the right to ask for support if you experience difficulties either free or paid according to the terms
  3. Cleover has the right to get updates according to the terms and conditions of the package that Cleover is using and currently applies
  4. Cleover has the right to consult through the media specified
  5. Cleover is entitled to a guide to the use of related services
  6. Cleover has the right to make an extension if needed on rental products
  7. Cleover must follow CLEOVA's rules, policies, decisions and conditions
  8. Cleover must honestly answer every CLEOVA question
  9. Cleover must provide correct and valid information
  10. Cleover must complete the identity and documents that CLEOVA requires as a requirement or additional information and ensure that they are all original
  11. Cleover must settle financial-related obligations before the expiration date no later than 1 day before maturity.
  12. Cleover must respond to CLEOVA requests no later than 1×24 hours
  13. Cleover must be responsible for all the results of services or products including the use of website content, products, copyrights, deviations, violations, and other things as stipulated in the User Policy 2 point J
  14. Cleover must carry out instructions and guidelines carefully and repeatedly so that it runs smoothly
  15. Cleover must maintain understanding and agree and promise to do every point of the Privacy Policy and User Policy
  16. Cleover must maintain good manners and will not defame CLEOVA's services in any form, for any reason, to anyone, anywhere, at any time.
  17. Cleover is obliged to maintain and fully responsible for the confidentiality, guidance, accounts, and all kinds that Cleover obtains from CLEOVA.
  18. Cleover must be responsible 100% for anything that exists and is made from the results of CLEOVA services
  19. Cleover is required to use standard language in the support request process to avoid meaning differences.
  20. Cleover must be willing to be checked, monitored, and fully controlled by CLEOVA in any form, however, at any time either with notice or without notice regarding the services used.
  21. Cleover must be willing to be punished, be fined a maximum of 10 billion, or be sanctioned if he violates the User Policy, Privacy Policy, or CLEOVA Policy
  22. Release CLEOVA from all claims, claims, defamation, damages, and all that is set out in 2 point J above for any reason or reason
  23. Cleover's other rights are on the Privacy Policy page
  24. Carry out all obligations on this User Terms page

Cleovers are prohibited:

  1. Do not load pirated or harmful software
  2. It is forbidden to load content that is prohibited by the government including copyright infringement and others
  3. Do not provide false data, information or documents
  4. Do not post fake news or defamation including misleading content
  5. Do not use the service for fraud or deviance
  6. Do not use more than the limit
  7. Do not send spam or unwanted promotions
  8. Do not spread the conversation during support or other activities without CLEOVA's written approval
  9. It is forbidden to defame CLEOVA services in any form for an unlimited time and anywhere
  10. It is forbidden to ask or complain to an unrelated party (other than CLEOVA) to avoid misunderstandings. If there are difficulties, Cleover must contact CLEOVA first and wait for the resolution
  11. Do not do anything, anywhere, anytime that can harm CLEOVA.
  12. It is prohibited to publish, share, adapt, claim, sell or anything similar in any form until indefinitely for all that CLEOVA provides including allowing special access to Cleover.
  13. Do not use or combine with other services because it may damage the quality of service, confidentiality of Cleover, and jeopardize the integrity of CLEOVA's policies.
  14. Do not do what CLEOVA forbids or what CLEOVA prescribes on the User Policy and Privacy Policy pages
  15. All obligations apply indefinitely even after terminating the use of the service considering that a copy of the guide and others has been submitted to Cleover and cannot be fully controlled by CLEOVA
  16. The ban on CLEOVA increases as new cases are found


This section is described on the Privacy Policy page


This section is described on the Privacy Policy page


This section is described on the Privacy Policy page


This section is described on the Privacy Policy page


This section is described on the Privacy Policy page


CLEOVA may change the User Policy, Privacy Policy, terms and conditions at any time without individual notice. Cleover can look at the page provided on the official CLEOVA website periodically.

If there is an update to this page, then the latest (User Policy, Privacy Policy, terms and conditions) is the one that applies without removing the legality, digital agreement, or signature on the stamp that has been made. All changes must be followed and approved to continue the service.


  1. Prices and renewal rates are subject to change at any time and must be followed by Cleover. Cleover can take a look at the price list or get notified when it's nearing maturity.
  2. The extension can be done earlier or no later than 1 day before the due date. 


  1. For security and convenience, server access or hosting is managed by CLEOVA and cannot be requested for any reason. This is intended to minimize data theft, malware attacks, and Cleover errors either intentionally or unintentionally.
  2. The product service result status is rental.
  3. If you use Who Is, you can use CLEOVA or Cleover data with the condition that full responsibility remains 100% Cleover.
  4. The Service cannot be transferred, transferred ownership, or access to another person unless approved by CLEOVA.
  5. Copyright cannot be changed to Cleover's property and remains with the original creator (whether GPL, commercial, and other licenses).
  6. If not extended, access will be terminated
  7. If violated, then access can be restricted, suspended, delete
  8. If you do not agree to the User Policy, Privacy Policy, the latest version of the terms and conditions, you can terminate access.


We provide a free website repair guarantee as long as the website is active with the following conditions:

  1. Using package full management
  2. Not because of Cleover's negligence which is regulated in the sub chapter "WEBSITE DATA SECURITY GUARANTEE” set out in the Privacy Policy
  3. Not intentional damage
  4. The website is active and does not violate the CLEOVA user terms
  5. The repair support request is clear (attach a screenshot of the problem and a description) and sent to the support contact via email or WA
  6. Not on sentence
  7. According to the selected package and the latest policy


  1. The payment method can be done with 100% in full up front, a minimum down payment of 60% or according to the agreement. The terms of this method are fully determined by CLEOVA and can be applied differently in each Cleover. 
  2. The DP method does not apply to website repair services of less than 5 million.
  3. The DP method is only available on certain packages of website creation services.
  4. If using a payment method other than paid off in advance, then the payment can be made before or after being declared complete by CLEOVA. If within 3 days after CLEOVA reports that no payment has been made, then the 4th day (at 00.01 WIB) Cleover is deemed to have canceled the service unilaterally and CLEOVA has the right to delete everything including what has been provided without a refund.
  5. Renewal payments are only made through CLEOVA and from CLEOVA contacts.


  1. CLEOVA will suspend, restrict access, or delete any services or results of services that Cleover uses without a refund
  2. CLEOVA has the right to disclose or use Personal Data and all documents in order to comply with legal or statutory provisions, in the context of applicable law enforcement processes or to take further preventive action in connection with suspicious activities, suspected criminal acts, violations of the law, and the like. In connection with such disclosure, Cleover indemnifies or releases CLEOVA from all claims, demands, damages that may arise.
  3. 100% breaches of service or service results and their use is borne by Cleover. Cleover indemnifies CLEOVA from all claims, claims, damages, defamation, public complaints, and anything that may arise in connection with carrying out the investigation to completion.
  4. If an order for services or services is made by way of a down payment or otherwise other than paid in advance and does not pay off the existing shortfall or is not paid, then Cleover allows CLEOVA to use all of Cleover's Personal Information as a guarantee to be included in the list of fraudsters that is publicly accessible.


  1. Free support is available in the scope of the service used while active in the service
  2. Free support doesn't include changing the total appearance, themes, plugins, and more
  3. Free support does not apply if the damage or the like is done intentionally, or negligently, or outside the guidelines that CLEOVA provides.
  4. Free support does not apply if installing devices or anything from other parties (including downloading plugins or the like from the internet or services of other parties that cause problems).
  5. Free support does not apply if using other parties for optimization or modification


The CLEOVA service provides free maintenance for each renewal or each time Cleover applies for support that requires further checking according to the package Cleover is using.


Revisions made are elements, colors, layout. CLEOVA does not accept revisions of the working system or the whole. Revisions in excess of the provisions cause additional costs.


  1. Services that have been found to be in violation will be deleted and no copies of Cleover will be received.
  2. If you are late for an extension of 1 day, you will be subject to a fine of at least 1 million. If you are more than 1 day late, the product will be deleted without a copy unless previously agreed or if there is another alternative that CLEOVA agrees with.


  1. The first content of CLEOVA will give a bonus of several pages or according to the initial agreement. More than that can be done by Cleover according to the guidelines that CLEOVA made. 
  2. If Cleover wants CLEOVA to do more than the conditions, it will be charged per page or per content, or for a certain period according to the agreement.


CLEOVA provides refunds under the following conditions:


  1. Refunds are given if there is an error in the price information given to the customer so that it does not match what it should be before entering the work stage (with the original amount minus 25 thousand)
  2. The funds provided will be forfeited when the process is terminated by the user. 
  3. CLEOVA does not provide refunds except for internal policies other than above.
  4. The maximum time for refunds is 30 days from the decision.
  5. The provisions in the SERVICE PAYMENT sub-section remain in effect.


  1. CLEOVA can refund advertising if the order is canceled before processing with the original amount minus 25k.
  2. In certain circumstances the ad is not processed within 7 days of payment, then a refund may be requested.
  3. The maximum time for refunds is 30 days from the decision.


  1. CLEOVA only provides a refund if CLEOVA itself declares failure. Funds received are reduced (If costs are below 100 thousand then 30 thousand is reduced, if costs are above 50 thousand to 100 thousand it will be reduced by 50 thousand, if costs are above 100 thousand to 500 thousand it will be reduced by 100 thousand, if costs are above 500 thousand to 1 million will be reduced 150 thousand, if the cost is above 1 million up to 3 million will be reduced by 300 thousand, if the cost is above 3 million to 10 million it will be reduced by 650 thousand, above 10 million will be reduced by 1 million).
  2. Success indicators may change as causes are discovered during the process.
  3. Can only be requested if registering via the form and by the contact listed on the form.


  1. CLEOVA only provides refunds if they haven't been processed within 7 days.
  2. The terms of ACC or not in a marketplace such as the Play Store follow the relevant marketplace policy (no refunds are available for this). If it's not ACC because your website is deemed to be in violation of or not in accordance with the relevant marketplace regulations/policies, then Cleover still gets the .apk (release) file that can be installed manually.
  3. Can only be requested if registering via the form and by the contact listed on the form and meets other conditions.


CLEOVA reserves the right to reject a candidate Cleover or decide to use Cleover without providing specific reasons if:

  1. Indication of having or is committing fraud, violations, or irregularities
  2. Indicated to carry out bad intentions in various forms
  3. Indicated not serious
  4. Not having a clear business or plan
  5. Is a website service or other application
  6. source code seller
  7. Not for clear business purposes
  8. No ethics, manners, or anything like that, or a combination thereof
  9. Other things as per case found


  1. 100% CLEOVA party price decide
  2. Monthly or annual fees (if any), can change according to conditions or time or reasons from CLEOVA.
  3. Increases in renewal rates (If your service is on a lease) may occur upon notice. If the notice of price increase occurs less than 1 month from the renewal schedule, then the client is entitled to a waiver in the form of a reduction in costs from the new renewal price
  4. No refunds are available and cannot be canceled (If canceled, the money that has been paid will be forfeited)


Cleover Rights Services for Converting Websites to Android Applications:

  1. Get the app that is already installed or can be found on the Playstore (a direct link to the related Android app).
  2. If point 1 is not met because the website is considered not to comply with Play Store policies or other reasons that lead to suspension/rijek/reject/other terms, then Cleover will get the results of the services ordered in the form of an APK release file.
  3. Get support for a duration of 1-3 days in the form of questions and answers.
  4. Cleover reserves the right to independently upload related applications to their own account if they wish.
  5. Cleover has the right to ask CLEOVA for 1x assistance to help download related applications to the Cleover Developer Google Playstore account by granting full access rights when needed.
  6. Cleover gets help checking the website so that it can minimize the potential for rejection from being published on the Playstore by giving full access rights if needed.
  7. If the User does not have a Playstore account but still wants to be displayed on the Play Store, then the Cleover has the right to request upload assistance with the account provided by CLEOVA if available and for a maximum of 6 months.
  8. Cleover reserves the right to ask CLEOVA to cancel the publication of applications uploaded with an account from CLEOVA by providing clear reasons.

Cleover Obligations to Change Websites to Android Applications:

  1. 100% is responsible for the application of service results and the content contained therein.
  2. 100% is responsible for what is provided to CLEOVA in the form of any documents or information.
  3. Maintain the confidentiality of every document, link, information, or other and are prohibited from sharing, publishing, manipulating, or anything in any way, with any media and for an unlimited time.
  4. Pay in full and confirm payment with correct and valid proof of payment.
  5. Fill out the form completely and validly according to the instructions.
  6. Ensure the necessary requirements are met.
  7. If Cleover wants to be published on the Play Store using a CLEOVA account if available, then after 6 months it is mandatory to provide an original Play Store Developer account created with Cleover's identity or on behalf of the company with a valid payment instrument received by the Google Play developer for further CLEOVA account transfer. to Cleover's account (selected by the earliest date).
  8. Cleover must be able to be contacted by CLEOVA via email or service contact and reply as soon as possible during the process.
  9. Understand, agree, and always periodically review all CLEOVA service policies both after paying for services and after.
  10. Comply with Play Store policies and keep related websites active and stable during the service process.
  11. Always update the app according to Play Store developments and policies.
  12. If you ask CLEOVA to help upload applications to Playstore with a Cleover account, then Cleover must change the developer's Google Play account password after CLEOVA declares completion so that CLEOVA cannot access it again.
  13. If you give full access to CLEOVA to perform a certain purpose for the smooth running of services other than point 11, then Cleover must change the Google Play developer account password after CLEOVA is declared complete so that CLEOVA cannot access it again.
  14. If you give full access to the website to check, adjust, or perform certain other purposes for smooth service, you must change your password and check the Cleover access section then change your password or other security so that CLEOVA cannot access it again after the service is finished.
  15. Receive access invitations via email immediately
  16. Always keep the good name of CLEOVA service indefinitely
  17. Do not decompile or modify APK applications
  18. If in the future it is found that violations, abuse, deviations, errors, information from Cleover is invalid, or for legal reasons, related to policies, related to law, related to complaints, related to Playstore regulations, or other acceptable reasons
  19. Pihak CLEOVA meminta aplikasi yang diunggah di akun Play Store Developer Cleover untuk dihapus atau batal terbit, maka Cleover wajib menghapus dalam waktu kurang dari 1×24 jam

CLEOVA's Rights to Cleover Services for Converting Websites to Android Applications:

  1. Get access to the related website to check eligibility before making the Android version application or before uploading it to the Playstore (if needed).
  2. Get all the information or documents needed in the CLEOVA service correctly and validly from Cleover
  3. CLEOVA has the right to receive full access to be able to help upload applications in the relevant Cleover account until it is declared successful or final failed to be published from CLEOVA.
  4. CLEOVA has the right to receive full access to be able to help recreate the SIGN KEY application in Cleover's account until it is declared complete
  5. CLEOVA reserves the right to change any of the applications uploaded to the account provided by CLEOVA with or without written permission if deemed necessary.
  6. CLEOVA has the right to delete or cancel the publication of applications uploaded with the account provided by CLEOVA for reasons of harm, suspicious, SPAM, misleading titles or information, contacts cannot be contacted for more than 1 week, more than 6 months since they were first uploaded, not in accordance with Playstore policies latest version, needs updating but not updating, outdated links, links infected with malware, violates the DMCA, contains prohibited content, reported bad with 1 star more than 50% number of reviews (minimum 10 reviews), reported Cleover for misconduct with evidence, or reasons others that CLEOVA may receive in the future.
  7. Offers latest version updates for free or for a fee
  8. Give warnings to Cleover either verbally or in writing, formal or informal.
  9. Requesting applications uploaded to the Cleover Developer Playstore account to be removed or canceled independently if found violations, abuse, deviations, errors, invalid information from Cleover, or legal reasons, related to policies, related to law, related to complaints, related to Playstore regulations, or other acceptable reasons.
  10. CLEOVA reserves the right to refuse requests from Cleover or prospective Cleovers and is under no obligation to provide reasons.

CLEOVA's Obligations to Cleover Services for Converting Websites to Android Applications:

  1. Don't abuse the information Cleover provides. CLEOVA is only permitted to provide documents from Cleover for the purposes of applicable law or Playstore policy if necessary.
  2. Provide support according to the time specified.
  3. Providing service results that CLEOVA offers in the form of released APK files or applications that are already on the Playstore
  4. Help upload to Developer Cleover's Playstore account if requested
  5. Help check related websites if necessary
  6. Cancels publication if Cleover requests with clear and acceptable reasons

Conditions on Cleover Services to Change Websites to Android Applications:

  1. Cleover ensures that the access granted to CLEOVA is not known to others beforehand.
  2. Payment is made per version (updates also incur a fee).
  3. Source code, sign key is not given to the customer. CLEOVA can generate a sign key again when updating the next version by requiring access to the relevant Google Play Developer.
  4. The website is not allowed to contain content that is prohibited by the Indonesian and international governments, misleading information, false information, fraud, or any other irregularities while using the service results in the form of .APK applications or those published on the Play Store.
  5. Websites must remain accessible and free of malware infections
  6. The Google Play developer account provided is not allowed to be purchased, uses fake documents, or does not match the original identity that Cleover filled in the form because it can cause the account to be suspended or deleted so that all applications in it are lost.
  7. The access rights granted to CLEOVA for smooth service must be changed with the password after being declared complete by CLEOVA.
  8. During the service process, do not combine CLEOVA services with other similar services.
  9. Refunds are not available for any reason except for CLEOVA's decision for the relevant case.
  10. If the form contains errors, then Cleover's responsibility is related. For repairs, additional fees may be charged according to the nominal given by CLEOVA
  11. Applications resulting from the service and the content contained therein are the responsibility of the related 100% Cleover.
  12. Cleover is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the service and the good name of CLEOVA's services
  13. Cleover must agree to CLEOVA's policies to use the service. Paying or continuing a consultation is the same as agreeing to all CLEOVA policies knowingly without coercion.
  14. Jika pihak CLEOVA menghubungi Cleover dan dalam 1×24 jam tidak mendapatkan balasan, maka dianggap layanan dibatalkan tanpa pengembalian dana.
  15. In the event of disputes, conflicts, and the like, Cleover resolves amicably through official digital email communications and maintains the confidentiality of every message received or sent.
  16. For each violation of the above, Cleover agrees to pay a maximum fine of 1 billion rupiah within a period of not more than 30 days or can be prosecuted by applicable law.
  17. Violation of any of the points of this page may result in the application being deleted or unpublished.
  18. CLEOVA may correct actions or information from CLEOVA in the event of an error or when necessary.
  19. The request for cancellation of publication causes the application to be removed from publication within 6 months (maybe less or more) if in the future you want to reissue.
  20. CLEOVA is not responsible for anything after the service is declared completed. 
  21. Lama proses tergantung antrian dan kondisi. Proses merubah normalnya adalah 1-3 hari, proses review 2 jam-7 hari (atau mengikuti pihak Play Store Developer). Meski demikian, CLEOVA membatasi setidaknya maksimal 7×24 jam sudah terdapat perkembangan atau proses sehingga tidak menunggu jeda terlalu lama.
  22. Cleover is willing and obliged to periodically check the latest policies. If you do not agree with the latest policy, then the published application must be unpublished, deleted, or the like and may not be republished until re-approving CLEOVA's policy.
  23. Rules and policy points may be added, changed, or reduced at any time without individual notice.


  1. Cancellations can be made by CLEOVA or Cleover
  2. Cleover is still obliged to carry out the obligations and prohibitions that have been regulated and are always bound. 
  3. Cleover does not need to renew if it has been canceled except under certain conditions according to the initial agreement that CLEOVA agreed to
  4. CLEOVA's decision is final and cannot be contested
  5. Cleover must complete unpaid payments
  6. Cleover is obliged to pay off fines caused by violations or termination of service
  7. Refund terms follow the specific sub-chapters of each service.
  8. Service cancellations not due to violations are subject to a fine of 2x the renewal price at that time


  1. CLEOVA does not guarantee the click itself, but the way Google ads work is that the Cleover balance will be deducted if there are certain clicks or interactions according to Google ad policies as targeted in the form of certain cities or provinces or countries on a certain schedule. In the advertising process, tax is deducted from the entered balance.
  2. The balance to be executed is only the one given by Cleover as a balance (excluding taxes and services)


  1. The guarantee is valid for a certain duration and is only valid if it is done formally by filling out a form.
  2. The guarantee guarantee applies if payment is made in advance and not in other payment modes
  3. The warranty is void if during the warranty period there are additions, deletions, changes to scripts, plugins, or configuration changes that are regulated by CLEOVA repair services
  4. The warranty is void if during the warranty period there is use of other services other than CLEOVA
  5. The warranty guarantee does not apply if the problem is different or the source of the problem is different from the form.


  1. Whatever the decision of CLEOVA is final and binding. No one including Cleover can dispute “CLEOVA” with any party for any reason in any way or form. By buying or using or renting on the service or through the CLEOVA service means accepting and agreeing without coercion to any thing or point or part of CLEOVA's policy
  2. Whatever happens, it is forbidden to vilify, bring down, talk about or in any way in any form anything or anything that can harm CLEOVA or create negative thoughts of others about CLEOVA.
  3. Any violation remains binding on a person, group or organization with the User Policy, Privacy Policy, Agreement and CLEOVA bindings.
  4. CLEOVA is released from all claims, losses, claims, pollution, or anything that can harm CLEOVA. The results of the service are entirely the responsibility of Cleover including deviations, violations, content, and others in it.
  5. By paying, continuing the consultation, or carrying out the next process, it means that you have understood every point that is agreed to all things set out in this page including being willing to follow, carrying out each point


If Cleover dies during his active life, then his children, wife, relatives can delegate everything to them on condition that they agree, are willing, and are valid as family and make adjustments at additional costs.


In the event of force majeure or beyond CLEOVA's or human capacity which is unavoidable so as to disrupt the service:

  1. Outside of CLEOVA's responsibility
  2. Cannot be transferred without CLEOVA's discretion after the occurrence of force majeure.
  3. Cannot be prosecuted and all decisions of CLEOVA are absolute and cannot be contested.
  4. Force majeure includes the bankruptcy of the CLEOVA service, the closure of the CLEOVA service for any reason, death, natural disaster, epidemic disaster, and others.
  5. Malware semua jenis, kendala dari eksternal, kerusakan perangkat.

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